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Welcome to Jasper Certified Components, where we take used parts and make them as good as new again!

Jasper Certified Components Associates

Jasper Certified Components, JCC, provides quality parts for the re-manufacturing industry. We carry all styles of parts for gas engines, diesel engines, and transmissions. Originally formed to provide parts to stand up to Jasper Engines and Transmissions rigorous quality standards, we are now also selling our products outside of JASPER. We specialize in qualified reclaimed products, new overstock parts, and core for re-manufacturing.

Through Jasper Engines and Transmissions' re-manufacturing business, we acquire a large amount of surplus cores. JCC takes these cores and tears them down, adds them to our inventory, and makes them available for sale to our customers. JCC takes great care in ensuring these parts meet a high quality standard.

Look for a full catalog of available parts coming soon. We have a large variety of parts available for transmissions, gas, and diesel engines. Call us for parts lists and availability.